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About the Saudi Oncology Society

Society History & Founding Members

The establishment of the Saudi Oncology Society was approved with consent of the Board of Trustees of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties 3/A/27, dated 12/01/1427H. The official name of the society is the Saudi Oncology Society and our headquarters is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The society was founded by the following "Founding Members".

  • Dr. Asem Osamah Al-Radhi - Committe Chairman
  • Dr. Mohammed Showqi Bazabashi - Committee Vice-President
  • Dr. Essam Mohammed A. Murshid - Committee Secretary-General
  • Dr. Yasser Abdulaziz Bahader - Committee Member
  • Dr. Mushabbab Ali Al-Asiri - Committee Member

Saudi Oncology Society Executive
Dr. Adnan Saleh Al-Hebshi
Dr. Mohmmad Shouqi Bazarbashi
Dr. Adher Diaa Alsayed
Secretary General &finance
Dr. Yasir Abdulaziz Bahader
Board Member
Dr. Ali Matar Al-Zahrani
Board Member
Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Alsaghier
Board Member
Dr. Moteb Alfuhaidi
Board Member
Dr. Mohammad Othman Al-Shabanah
Board Member
Dr. Essam Mohammed Mushid
Board Member
Board Member, Saudi Oncology Society
Society Administration
Mr. Mohammad Rashid Bin Khenain
Mr. Ibrahim Derar Sulman
SOS Secretary

SOS Heaquarters - Riyadh

Dr. Adnan Saleh Al-Hebshi
Administration Manager

Eastern Province - Al-Khobar


Western Province - Jeddah


Southern Province - Abha City



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