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SOS Membership Levels

The Saudi Oncology Society (SOS) has three (3) membership types or levels.

  1. Active membership is reserved for medical professionals who are actively engaged in oncology practice.

  2. Associate membership is medical professionals or people interseted in the society's speciality who do not meet the scientific requirements. This membership level allows for the participation in SOS events and meetings. Associate members do not have voting rights in the soeiety.

  3. Honorary membership is awarded to people who have helped to further the society's work or have contributed significantly to the betterment of the society and/or oncology care. Honorary membership is awarded by the Board of Directors of the SOS. Honorary members are invited to attend SOS events and meetings but do not have voting rights in the society.


Membership Terms & Conditions

Active Membership

  1. Applicants for membership must acquire a scientific qualification in the basic society's specialization and must be registered at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties as consultant or specialist in one of the following aspects:

    * Medical, Radiation, Clinical, Surgical, Pediatric or Gyne Oncology

  2. Applicant must be registered at the Saudi Commission and acquired valid registration card.
  3. He must be on the job in a governmental or private establishment engaged in one of the society's specializations.
  4. He must be living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or one of the GCC Countries.
  5. He should apply for joining the society by submitting all necessary documents as required by the society.
  6. He shall pay all registration fees and annual subscriptions.

* Application approval is based on the society's board of directors approval of the applicant's application.

Membership Fees: Active Membership Fees: 300 Saudi Riyals.

Associate Membership

This will be awarded to:

  1. Holders of health qualification in any of the society’s specializations and who is not residing in the Kingdom.
  2. Holders of a health qualification outside the society’s specialization living within or outside the Kingdom.
  3. Medical students and applied medicine colleges students and those students from relevant medical or technical colleges and institutes.
  4. Those who have interest in any field of interest to the society but who do not satisfy the conditions of scientific qualification defined for active membership.

Associate members pay half of the annual subscriptions fees of an Active Member and may attend the general assembly’s meetings and the various committees’ meetings and take part in the discussions without having voting rights.

Membership Fees: Active Membership Fees: 150 Saudi Riyals.

Honorary Membership

This will be bestowed on persons selected by the society board of directors, from among those who provided material or moral services or contributed in the development of some aspects of the society’s interest within and outside the Kingdom as well as retired members. The honorary membership will be awarded by a decision of the society’s board of directors following the approval of the assembly meeting.

The honorary members are exempted from registration fees and subscriptions.  The honorary member, who is not holding a specialized scientific qualification, has the right to attend the sessions of the general assembly of the society and participate in the discussions without having a voting right.

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